Workers Unite this May Day

Every year on May 1 workers around the world unite to advocate for fair wages, better working conditions, labor rights, and human rights. Now more than ever workers have to stand together, communities and unions have to come together to ensure dignity, respect, and living wages for everyone.

Prior to and after the May Day March up and down Whyte Ave in Edmonton this evening we heard from public sector workers, healthcare workers, private sector workers, migrant workers, women advocacy workers, freedom fighters and activists, and one thing is clear, in order to move ahead in our fight we must be steadfast, for each other.

With inflation the affordability crisis is effecting all Canadians, in Alberta we are seeing the highest spike in interest rates, utilities, and food pricings. Workers and their families are struggling with these costs on top of their pre-existing struggles, whether that be equity in the workplace, staffing our hospitals and assistant living facilities, or migrant workers knowing and fighting for their rights in Canada.

We as Unions have to keep lines of communication open with our affiliates and labour councils, we educate and empower each other, we can work together for better futures, strong collective agreements, higher wages and benefits, workers rights, and above all dignity, safety, and respect for all workers.

May Day, or International Worker’s Day is an important reminder every year that we are all workers, and together we have numbers, with solidarity we have power!

Happy International Workers Day, to all Canadians and all Workers World Wide!




Updated: 1 May, 2024 — 11:18 pm