Educating Members: IAMAW’s Inaugural Education Conference

Last week, March 26 – 31, 2023 the IAM William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center (W3) hosted its first ever Educators Conference. Some 77 Educators from the US and Canada traveled to W3 to learn from each other. They have shared ideas, suggestions, and resources to help make our union membership stronger thru knowledge building. The Leadership and staff at the W3 did an amazing job on putting this conference together and keeping us all engaged and informed, this conference was thought up and delivered in excellence.

Robert Martinez, IAM International President came out to thank all the participants in the week long conference, for the job they do each and every day. President Martinez started off as an Educator in the IAM, the pictures from his time learning at the Winpisinger Centre still hang in the halls.

Educators, Executives, Shop Stewards, Panelists, and Teachers from the W3 all came together to form this conference. Each bringing and sharing what they have with each other. The resources received at this conference are endless, giving many locals the newly found ability to bring new ideas and resources back to our Districts and Locals to start educating our own members. The wealth of information received at this conference and the training we now have the ability to bring to our Locals is invaluable.

We also all had the pleasure of being joined by members of IDG, the Independent Drivers Guild, where over 250,000 drivers in NY city joined together for human and workers rights, through solidarity they have achieved fair wages, benefits, and many other improvements for drivers, including Uber and Lyft drivers. They were a truly inspirational group that reminded us all why we support the Union of people and the solidarity of workers.


District 14 was able to send three delegates to attend this conference, 2 from Local Lodge 99, Jeremey Brydges, and Wade Zenchyson, and 1 from our Local Lodge 1722, Ashley Speer.



Here is what they had to say about the conference:

“I received more than I expected from this conference, the amount of resources, collaboration, and relationship building was astounding. I have left this conference with everything I need to start an Education committee at our Local Lodge, and the District, and start training our own members. I am excited to bring this collaboration home and start working with Local Lodge Representatives to get these resources to the membership and help us build a stronger Local with more member involvement.”    – Ashley Speer LL 1722, DL 14


“It was great to expand the education network. Collaboration between other Locals and Districts will enable sharing of resources and promotes solidarity and education.” – Jeremy Brydges LL99, DL 14


Updated: 4 April, 2023 — 7:09 pm