STRONGCO EQUIPMENT is looking for a member from each branch to represent their members for the 2018 round of negotiations. As per Article 1:00 UNION RECOGNITION; 1:14 indicates one member from each branch. If there are no volunteers, the Shop Steward from that branch will serve as negotiator.

Please forward the successful candidates information to Business Representative Jim Patterson. There will be a limit, set by your executive,  to the total number of members sitting on the committee.

New Business

Brother Oscar Morales has accepted the position of Secretary Treasurer and was sworn in October 5, 2017.

Brother Kyle Franzen has accepted the position as Trustee and was sworn in October 5, 2017.

Park’N Fly discounts for IAM Members

May 1, 2017

Stan Pickthall, IAMAW Canada

Dear Stan Pickthall,

Park’N Fly recently revised its Discount Savings program; an adjustment will be made to your Park’N Fly corporate discount rates, effective June 151, 2017. The adjustment will vary depending on the market. Attached are the new preferred rates that have been extended to your organization. Continue reading