Fat Cats – No Mice

Please watch the short political fable below expressing the CCF’s view that the Canadian political system was flawed in offering voters a false dilemma: the choice of two parties, neither of which represented their interests.


The Story of Mouseland was a story told first by Clarence Gillis, and later and most famously by Tommy Douglas, leader of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and, later, the New Democratic Party of Canada, both social democratic parties. Continue reading

Park’N Fly discounts for IAM Members

May 1, 2017

Stan Pickthall, IAMAW Canada

Dear Stan Pickthall,

Park’N Fly recently revised its Discount Savings program; an adjustment will be made to your Park’N Fly corporate discount rates, effective June 151, 2017. The adjustment will vary depending on the market. Attached are the new preferred rates that have been extended to your organization. Continue reading

CAST YOUR VOTE – Election Day is Monday October 16, 2017.

The next General Election will be held on Monday October 16, 2017.

City of Edmonton voters will elect:

  • 1 Mayor
  • 1 Councillor for each of the 12 City of Edmonton wards
  • 1 Edmonton Catholic School District Trustee for each of the 7 wards or
    1 Edmonton Public School District Trustee for each of the 9 wards

Please visit the City of Edmonton website to view the 2017 candidate list

Exercise your right to vote!

Machinists back a winner – Singh takes NDP leadership!

Machinists back a winner – Singh takes NDP leadership!

Toronto, ON – Jagmeet Singh is the new leader of the federal New Democratic Party with a resounding first-ballot victory by a margin of 53 per cent in the NDP leadership in Toronto Sunday night.

“Earlier last month the IAM endorsed Jagmeet Singh to be our new leader after a vigorous internal debate,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall. “At that time we concluded that he was the right person for the job because he most closely represents the values and the direction of IAM. I’m pleased that the rest of the party agrees with us.”

Singh, 38, defeated challengers Niki Ashton, Charlie Angus and Guy Caron. Singh, a criminal defence lawyer who speaks fluent French and Punjabi, has represented the riding of Bramalea-Gore-Malton in the Ontario legislature since 2011. He was named deputy leader of the Ontario NDP in 2015. Singh says he will not immediately seek a seat in the House of Commons until he has had time to increase his profile outside of the House.


Singh has been a frequent visitor to IAM rallies, meetings and demonstrations regarding precarious work, the Fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage, contract flipping and privatization of Canadian airports. “We look forward to working with Jagmeet to build power within the Party as we prepare for the next chapter,” said Pickthall. “Our next battle is in 2019, with the Trudeau Liberals; there is much work to be done along the way.”


Source IAM Canada

Learning to connect

Communications Representative Frank Saptel spent 3 days in Edmonton on a training mission. IAMAW members Barb Makey, Glenn Killips, Leo Manrique &  Lori Fairbrother took part in the WordPress course at the District 14 Office October 3 – 5, 2017.

The valuable learning tools Frank provided will assist us in updating/rebuilding our Local Lodge 1722 Webpage. We look forward to connecting with fellow IAMAW members to keep the webpage updates fresh & current.